What they think about Mr. Colin???

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This character has awakened some curiosities about the role that has in the book "Pride and Prejudice". For example:
  •       Dinah Birch, professor at the University of Liverpool, examines the cleric as a critique of the church role in society. Mr. Collins that it is "by no means an example of holiness."
  • Margaret Kirkham said that Mr. Collins, who will inherit Longbourn, as a way to Austen "mocks sexist pride and prejudice"

·  You can read of what Ivor Morris thinks in his book Mr Collins Considered: Approaches to Jane Austen.


“Elástica”, give you 6 reasons why you should let your Pride and Prejudice and started reading Jane Austen.

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I am quite sure that you find people who say they have no interest in reading Jane Austen books. Well, the Brazilian site, "Elástica", give you 6 reasons why you should let your pride and prejudice and started reading Jane Austen.

1-    She chaffed the bourgeoisie since the 19th century;

Back then, the bourgeoisie did not ask for military intervention, but made it clear his preconception related to social class. Austen used irony and humor to describe the behavior of the elite of the time and class conflict in a conservative society.

2-    Your women characters may be considered advanced of her time;

First we need to remember that Jane Austen was born in the 18th century, in which the woman had no right not to inherit his father's estate. Despite the books always revolve around the marriage, the writer of the heroines are represented at the same level as men.

In the book Pride Prejudice (1813), the protagonist Elizabeth Bennet is independent and has shown a behavior considered inappropriate for a girl of that age. Elizabeth also makes it clear that never will marry only for money and is represented on the same intellectual level as Mr. Darcy. The woman placing the question in society is repeated in other novels, more openly even in Emma (1815).

3-    Authors like JK Rowling were inspired by her;

If you love Harry Potter and JK Rowling, know that Britain has admitted many times that his favorite writer is Jane Austen.

4-    One of her novels has marks of Gothic literature;

Jane Austen used the references of gothic settings, like medieval castles, ruins and churches in the novel the Northenger Abbey (1818).

5-    She is on the list from "The Guardian" of the 100 best novels written in English;

6-    You will probably identify with one character.

Austen characterizes well the feelings and fears of the characters. Just open a book to recognize the rights and wrongs of some of them.

WebSite: http://elastica.abril.com.br/6-motivos-para-deixar-o-orgulho-e-o-preconceito-de-lado-e-comecar-a-ler-jane-austen