Jane Eyre

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Hello fans, 

Today I will talk about my experience with “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. 
This story teach us that, even with bad characters, cruel events and no hopes, it’s possible have an incandescent and glorious happy ending. 
Without no parents, Jane Eyre faces now a severe education from her malefic aunt,  Mrs Reed, who hates her, and then send her to Lowood school, where she have a miserable, lonely and unhappy childhood however that  enriches her spirit and independence. 
Ready to real life, with no one, Jane becomes a preceptor of Adèle in Thornfield Hall where she meet Mr Edward Rochester and both fall in love for each other. However, a terrible secret will separate them, and with her lessons of life, Miss Eyre will have now I chance to choose her own way. 
I fall in love with this story.  Every scene, every moment where so powerful that is impossible don’t like it, especially the end. Every characters suffer of bad choices but strangely it’s good that happened in that way, that’s way this is a strong book. 

  • Jane Eyre 
  • Edward Rochester 
  • St. John Rivers 
  • Mrs. Reedn.
  • Bessie Lee 
  • Mr. Lloyd
  • Georgiana Reed
  • Eliza Reed
  • John Reed
  • Helen Burns
  • Mr. Brocklehurst
  • Maria Temple
  • Miss Scatcherd
  • Alice Fairfax 
  • Bertha Mason
  • Grace Poole
  • Adèle Varens 
  • Celine Varens 
  • Sophie
  • Richard Mason
  • Mr. Briggs
  • Blanche Ingram
  • Diana Rivers
  • Mary Rivers
  • Rosamond Oliver
  • John Eyre
  • Uncle Reed



Lady Susan

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Hello dears,

I have read "Lady Susan" and I found a little different from other novels of Jane Austen. The book is a exchange of letters between all characters, so you have to read with very attention to understand and follow the story.  

Lady Susan uses flirtation and seduction to gain her way through life. She dates secretly with a married man and seduces singles men just for fun. 
She is so selfish that she is able to ruin the happiness of her daughter(Frederica Vernon) just to gets what she wants. She even calls her stupid girl.
Nobody likes her however she has one friend(Mrs. Johnson) but her husband doesn't approve their friendship, so they meet and talk privately.

I will not reveal nothing more about the story. I believe that it is enough to open your appetite to read this book.  

Main characters are:
  • Lady Susan Vernon
  • Frederica Vernon (Daughter of Lady Susan)
  • Catherine Vernon (Sister-in-law to Lady Susan)
  • Charles Vernon (Brother-in-law to Lady Susan)
  • Reginald De Courcy (Brother of Mrs. Vernon)
  • Lady De Courcy (Mother of Mrs. Vernon)
  • Alicia Johnson (Friend of Lady Susan)